How To Make Money From Free Apps In 2021?

Once your app starts to gain momentum and you are able to baseline your usage metrics, you may be able to attract some sponsors for your app. Sponsorships differ from advertisements in that they are more exclusive and much less random than banner ads. A sponsor might be interested in exchanging a payment for a prominent placement in the app if you can convince them that the placement will help promote their business. While the ad network integration is relatively easy to implement, the real trick to success is getting a lot of downloads and then keeping users coming back to the app repeatedly. Under this form of advertising, the developers generate revenue based on the installations made by the viewers after seeing and clicking on the ad. CPV (Cost-per-view)- Under the CPV or the Cost-per-view advertising, the developer generates revenue from the app based on the views generated from the video/advertisement.

The users download the free app, and the application is just enticing enough to get the user to buy the paid version. With the referral marketing monetization model, you can promote popular products in your app and gain long-term, loyal, and profitable referred customers. Native ads are a popular revenue model for the mobile appas users find them less intrusive and irritating. But the downside is that they generate less revenue compared to other methods. Well, you can display five types of ads in your app for monetization.

  • With the help of a specific tool, it is possible to provide users with rewards for an in-app action or engagement like filling out a poll, sharing content, etc.
  • If you transition from a one-time fee to a subscription model, you may get some of your users really angry.
  • Since the time more integrated smart devices have entered the market, a massive change has been noticed in application development.
  • The listing process is easy, but getting your app shown is challenging.
  • The app market has been growing since day 1, and it has no plans of slowing down.
  • Paid apps heavily depend on brand recognition, unique content, and trusted reviews, especially if it doesn’t come with a free trial.

According to a report by Distimo, the total App Store profit revenue from paid apps accounts for only 24%. The revenue from in-app purchases, made inside of paid apps, account for another 5%, and the revenue from in-app purchases from free apps account for 71% of profit revenue. Сontinue reading If you wonder how do free apps make money without ads. There are plenty of other ways to monetize any application with ease. You can sell these data to many companies or researchers at a striking amount and make money from free apps.

Offewalls provide users rewards in exchange for specific actions such as filling out surveys, playing a game, downloading an app, or reaching a certain level in another game. Native ads appear to look like organic content, such as a news feed or content recommendation engines that are marked as sponsored content. They’re designed to fit naturally within the app without hindering user experience. Offer users a significant discount for 6 to 12 month subscriptions that are paid in a lump-sum. It’s a win for your most loyal customers and also provides you guaranteed up front cash flow. App monetization is the process of generating revenue from app users.

These ads are displayed automatically and generally used as a reward video in exchange of some in-app rewards. For example, by watching the ad video, the app users can get the app currency which can be useful for either unlocking levels in the game or getting additional features. For example, The Marriot Rewards Card is sponsoring the mobile application of to promote the different rewards perks to on the go business travelers. is a very popular review platform which offers unbiased reviews of restaurants written by the experts. The audience of can earn five points for every dollar spent on the Marriot properties. App publishers promote or sell affiliate products or services based on a total number of clicks or installs.

Subscription And Freemium Models

For example, Facebook or Google may not sell data to others directly but it will use the data to decide the rates of advertisements on their vast networks. In this model, the number of impressions of the ad by the promoter will earn you money. These impressions can be of static images or full-screen animations and videos. The app users and the consumers of the sponsoring brand may both benefit from the partnership. Many users may find it prohibitive to transition from one-time fees to monthly or annual subscriptions.

how free apps make money without ads

Advertising is probably the most common and easiest to implement when it comes to free apps makes money. Even with lots of great reviews, people are less likely to purchase an app if they can’t try it out first. With a background in finance and a passion for writing, she has made her passion her profession. Her endless desire to learn new things developed her interest in writing for different genres.

Things To Consider Before Developing A Taxi Application

The app’s design, its look & feel, UI, and UX make or break any app’s fortunes. Your app may be a nest in functionality, but if the users do not like it, then everything is in vain. Once you understand these key metrics, you can test multiple models that you think would work best for your app more effectively. Ultimately, you need to measure how each ad experience affects your bottom line.

It will be imperative for you be armed with solid data so you can sell the value to your potential sponsor using fact-based user demographic profiles and usage patterns. If you have any other questions related to how free apps make money. Contact us using the comments section below with your queries. When you tap on this advertisement, the app will redirect you to the website of the brand. This type of sponsorship is not opted for by the developers very commonly. If you are wondering how WhatsApp makes money, the answer to this question is using the freemium model with different businesses for response and customer support.

In case, you have any queries, doubts, or questions about apps, their development, and monetization models, feel free to contact the experts at Arka Softwares by filling up this query form. Online and offline retails stores launch their free apps as a gateway for their consumers to browse and shop the products they sell. This is also applicable to service providers such as telecom or financial services. It is one of the less used models of app monetization but can give you impressive results if you find the right set of patrons.

Most of the advertising networks follow the cost per click model for the app. So whenever a user clicks on an ad, few pennies are added to your pocket. The minimum or optimum click-through ratio for an app is around 1.5-2%.

The biggest advantage of using this ad campaign is high retention rates, as users receive a reward for watching these ads. It works best top grossing apps and for the gaming apps market, the gamer like free things, the effective cost per millie with this type of advertising is higher than for any other ad type. Even though the percentage of paid app revenues has decreased to 37.8 % from 75.9%, the mobile application market is still worth billions of dollars. The perfect example of non-consumable in-app purchase is MX Player, one of the top-rated video players on Google Play with ads for their free version.

how free apps make money without ads

Too many third-party APIs will not only affect the navigation and security, but users may also get irritated. Apps with physical purchases need to follow stricter policies on app stores. The customer always has the choice to visit the store online on their website or a physical store but may choose the app for more convenience as well as for exclusive offers available on it.

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So if you can gather enough relevant data, then you can have a way to make a profit out of it. If you have a question about how to make money creating apps for Android, please feel free to look at the below image to get the information about monetization strategy. This article is for entrepreneurs who want to learn – how to create and monetize an app or make money with apps to earn passive income by publishing free apps in the mobile application market. Subscriptions are gaining popularity right now, and are used by some of the most profitable apps.

Being an app owner, you will be paid as per the number of impressions or clicks an ad gets and the type of ads you offer on your app. Generally, the video ad is bound to get paid more as compared to the banner ads. There are several different ways to earn money from your app that you must explore and research on.


While all apps can benefit from the hybrid monetization model, gaming apps have found great success utilizing a combination of in-app purchases with in-app advertising. For example, users may see a video ad upon completion of a new level while having the option raid shadow legends advertising budget to purchase a new life as well. One of the oldest monetization strategies is to charge a one-time fee to download your app. Paid downloads effectively generate revenue, but as mentioned above, may leave long-term revenue opportunities on the table.

how free apps make money without ads

Once the advertising in set up, you can sit back and enjoy the revenue. These days mobile ads have become widely used and easiest way to make money with free apps. If you see the trend, you will find 7 out of 10 apps have embedded ads that generate revenue per its display, per click, or per install. Making your app free is a great decision for your mobile business in a long run.

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With the help of a specific tool, it is possible to provide users with rewards for an in-app action or engagement like filling out a poll, sharing content, etc. Getting in-app currencies, sponsorships are the frequent rewards of such advertisement. Native ads are integrated smartly so that they can appear as the natural elements of an app.

For example, in 2016, Apple opened the ability to use the subscription model for all kinds of apps, not only for a few select types. Moreover, while Apple used to take 30% of the revenue from subscriptions, it has encouraged developers by reducing that fee to 15% after one year of using the subscription model successfully. Freemium works best for applications that have a broad audience. You can often see the freemium model in fitness apps and content-based apps, and sometimes in games and other applications that have large markets.

If you want to know how free apps make money, then we have brought this comprehensive write-up for you to help you get the perfect answer to the query. Keep the app as your central focal point – not the monetization part. If the app is a hit among users, money will follow automatically. By now, you must have already had a fair idea that which monetization model is most suitable for you. Still, if you are confused that which model is best suited for you, or if you must go for a hybrid model, then follow these simple tips to clear any remaining doubts. As the name suggests, the publisher of the app appeals to a large crowd of people to support their app and make monetary contributions.

Interstitial ads enhance the app experience as they are displayed at relevant times to engage the user. It’s easy for free apps to use advertising to make money as they can do it through a third-party advertising network. Despite these changes making mobile marketing more complicated than before, overall mobile app usage has continued to grow across the board. COVID-19 interrupted our normal way of life but accelerated digital transformation in the process.

Upgrade To Remove Ads

MX Player Pro version provides the ads free experience for a small fee. This revenue model is based on the number of clicks on the displayed ads You can join the popular ad networks like Adfonic or Google’s AdMob. In this advertising model, you can either promote other apps, advertise products using pop up, or promote apps through an in-app store.

How Can You Earn Money From A Free Mobile App?

Requires regular and frequent use of apps by the users for ads to be repeated. The apps must have a large user base or a real potential to reach there in a very short time. As an app owner, you must integrate the third-party Api of the ad-server you have partnered with. You can define various levels, moments, and events when an ad will be displayed. You can control its placement, type, total duration, minimum duration, genre, category, and other such parameters to manage what your users see.

It’s time to embark on the journey of making revenue with your app. When it comes to knowing the answer to how do free apps make money, selling merchandise can be an excellent solution. For example, Netflix is one of the best examples of online movie and tv show streaming app, which runs on a subscription-based revenue model.

Nowadays, people don’t download as many new apps as they used to. The number of app downloads over the globe increases constantly, which indicates that the mobile market will remain profitable for years. The popularity of different types of mobile applications varies depending on targeting, location, and other factors. The most straight-forward way to make money with an app is to simply charge for it. This technique is easy to implement using the infrastructure provided by the app stores and does not require any coding. Once you set-up your account with Apple or Google, they handle the actual credit card processing and you, as the app owner, get paid by Apple and Google each month.

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